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Thursday, September 23, 2010

What I am Loving Right Now /aka/ My Quest For Minimalism

I am always striving to become a minimalist, I just think life would be easier with less stuff! It hasn't been an easy journey for me, and I am not "quite" there yet, but in the past few years I have donated numerous bags of clothes to local homeless shelters, I have had three yard sales, I have given stuff away, I have sold a few items, I have had stuff on Craig's List, and I even have an appointment coming up at "Modern Millie" (103 Washington Street Salem, Ma 01970 #978-745-0231) in Salem to try to consigned some of my shoes and clothes for the first time (so excited about that). So as I am parting ways with some of my stuff it also makes me think about what I will not part with ,and what is some of the stuff of mine do I love right now (that I can share with you!) I love getting recommendations from people about their faves, so here are some of mine..that I will not be parting with ;)

Tempur-Pedic Pillow: Or "Tempy" as I so lovingly referred to it. I LOVE my Tempur-Pedic pillow so much I even travel with it. I seriously cannot sleep with out it. Anyone who knows me knows that I struggle with sleep, but Tempy has made a huge difference in my sleep life, I sleep better with it! I love my Tempur-Pedic bed as well, but I would part with the bed over the pillow if I had a choice...but hopefully I will never have to make that one ;)

My stationary bike, along with my ipod, and my borrowed Bose Headphones (thank you Dad :) ) : For my fellow "hipsters" you will understand how during recovery from surgery how out of shape you start feeling, because of the resting/ pain/ and recovery time. I miss working out so much (just the stress relief you get from it alone),  so having this bike in my house helps my mental and physical well being. I can't do my bike without my ipod...I LOVE music..it keeps me moving! Currently I am going through and old school Cyndi Lauper phase. Seriously how can you not love "True Colors"!  The Bose headphones drowns out everything else,so I am at one with the bike and my music. Also when I am belting out songs while I am riding I don't have to hear myself sing ;) Seriously these headphones rock....literally!! In my opinion best headphones around....clear music, no outside noise, and they feel so cozy and comfortable on your ears :)

My Fave "Beauties"!

Lancome Hypnose Mascara/ Lancome Oscillation Powerbooster: Ok this double duo actually makes you look like you have fake lashes..If you want big thick lashes and don't have them naturally these are the product to use!

gloMinerals (liquid foundation): When my friend/make-up artist Manda use this on me for my birthday, I couldn't believe how amazing my skin looked (seriously flawless), and it reflects flawless skin in photos too! It is only $35 and it has lasted me a year... I LOVE THIS STUFF! Plus you don't feel like you are wearing make up! I purchased my gloMinerals at Rouge Cosmetics in Salem MA (322 Derby St  # 978-740-1044) http://www.rouge.com/brands/gloMinerals.html

Wunder Budder Lip Balm: I have a blog post already dedicated to this product line (see "Made With Love"), but I do need to reiterate how much I love my WB lip balms! I just got the Chai Lip balm for my sister and I. So good! Not an overwhelming scent at all, but a hint of chai (yummy) and my lips never get chapped.  It is perfect to put on before lipstick or lip gloss! You can check out all the different products at http://www.wunderbudder.com/

GHD Iron: I love my hair iron! I have owned a lot of hair irons in the past, but this one is by far my favorite!  Straight hair or curly hair this is the iron for you! It keeps my locks either straight as a pin, or if I want the tousled curly look it can do that too (it may just take a few practice rounds to get it done right ;) ) I have had mine for two years, and it still works as good as new!
***Also a bonus hair tip! I have been doing Keratin treatments (both the 30 day one and the 3 months one) and it has made a huge difference on how manageable my hair is! No frizz, easier to style, makes hair shinier...best hair treatment I have ever done for myself.  My hair has never looked better or felt healthier.  Also makes color shinier and last longer! I get my Keratin Treatments at Karen Sutton Hair Studio (26 Hawkes Street in Marblehead #781-631-7603)

Cloud: This teddy bear has been through all of my 6 surgeries with me, (during my appendix surgery my surgeon even gave Cloud a wrist band and bandages which made me LMAO when I woke up). Cloud was right by my side with me 24/7 during all my most difficult times....I know i am 35, but I ain't ever parting with my teddy ;) You are never to old to have a teddy bear (especially when you are stuck in a hospital).

My Guitar: Well it's far from an amazing guitar..it's a pretty low-end acoustic Takamine guitar (was priced at $350 at Guitar Center when I bought it 5 years ago), but I bought with the intention to finally learn how to play, and that is what I have been trying to do with it since. I liked the sound it made, it had a rich warm tone and I picked it out all by myself (nothing more embarrassing then picking out a guitar when you don't know how to play it, and having the salesman tell me to play some chords to see if I liked the sound.... ;) ) I started lessons when I was in 5th grade and stopped before I was in 6th, I got distracted by my dance lessons (back then they were more fun to practice). Since I bought the guitar I have been taking lessons off and on as well as trying to pick up tips from my "musical friends". One day I hope to at least hit one open mic night and play one song, and then mission accomplished!

My Hat (from Salem): I bought it from a street vendor in SALEM during Halloween time (such an awesome time in Salem...well unless your trying to drive through the center of the city ;) ) My friends Nancy and  Nicole and I walked by this vendor while we were strolling the Salem haunted scene, and I fell for this hat the moment I saw it. I talked myself out of buying it and we walked away.....15 minutes later I convinced my girls to go back with me to buy that hat! Nineteen dollars and two years of wearing it (and still going strong)...was totally worth walking back for! Hats are awesome! The best invention for a bad hair day/ and or a rainy day!

Ok there is a lot more "stuff" I haven't added to this particular list that I love and will not part with, but it doesn't mean that each day I don't strive closer and closer to reaching my potential as a minimalist!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Beauty Queen!

I met Manda on my 35th birthday due to a gift my FABULOUS FRIEND Jaxson so kindly gave to me! The gift of beauty..what could be better than that!!!!!   Manda is an extremely talented make-up artist who made me look 25 instead of 35 that night...couldn't have asked for a better gift than that ;)  Manda did my make-up so amazingly well that  I went back the following week to "Rouge Cosmetics" in Salem, Ma and bought everything she used on me, because I loved how my make-up looked that night. Strangers seriously kept coming up to me on my birthday and complimenting my eyes (this is not a daily occurrence).  From the moment I met Manda I instantly liked her, she greeted me with a big smile, her big blue eyes, and her magnificent pink hair and made me feel like I was a princess for the night!

Having your make-up professionally done is quite the experience. It is one of the ultimate papering pleasures you can give to oneself.  Manda took her time to listen to what my vision was for my make-up for that evening..EYES EYES EYES (I love eyes, probably my favorite feature on people in general! They are just captivating windows, and I think when you make your eyes stand out with some make-up..watch out world here you come). I do a decent job with my make-up, but I knew what I always wanted to do, but did not know how to pull  it off on my own. She took her time picking out what she thought would be most flattering on me , explaining the process along the way, so not only was I getting pampered I was learning as well..BONUS! I left her that evening not only with a look that I was truly happy with, but with a new friend as well. (Both pictures above are from my birthday party with my make-up done by Manda)
                                                          Me, Jaxson, and Manda Dec. 2009

I feel very lucky that I scored and interview with this very busy and talented lady so I could tap her brain for beauty secrets that I can share with you! Get ready for the ......... MandaMonium!

S: What is the #1 make-up tip you would give woman?

M: Makeup is an art and form of expression... rules are meant to be broken... well MOST of them. Always wear a foundation that matches your skin tone though, because darker or lighter makes it look like you have makeup on and you can see that line from your face to your neck. You can always add color with bronzers and blushes!

S: What are the essentials every woman should have in their make-up bag?

M: Brushes!! Brushes are so important, people always say, my makeup never looks as good as when you do it. Brushes make the difference! A great liner and mascara are so important too. One of the best Mascara's our there is Great Lash by " Maybeline"... and it's like 5 bucks!

S: Is there a #1 rule when applying make-up for us woman to know?

M: BLEND BLEND BLEND!!! Again, brushes are key when it comes to this. You can either finger paint or paint with a brush! Which would you rather have on your face? 

 S: Make up remover..I feel is also an important part of my make-up routine. I hate when I can't get my make-up off, and have to scrub my face for a long time and still have remnants of make-up left-over. What would you recommend as a FANTASTIC make-up remover, or the best way to get make-up off at the end of the night?

M: Makeup remover and/or a great cleanser is key! You usually don't need an oil based remover unless you are removing waterproof products/mascara. I love "Nars Cleansing Milk" for removing makeup. You can tissue it off or rinse it off with water. I also think every woman should have cleansing towelettes next to or near their bedside table for nights when you are half asleep and then you realize you didn't wash your makeup off. "Korres" has some great ones, www.korres.com

S: What is the #1 question people ask you about make-up, and what is the answer to it? 

M:What am I doing wrong? NOTHING! Makeup is an art, it's all about what makes you feel fantastic! Practice makes perfect, and all those other cliches. Check out makeup in magazines, and then try to recreate it on yourself over and over again on some rainy Sunday!

S: What would you like to see in the future for you/MandaModium?

M: More movies, many more music videos, and teaching. I'd love to do classes regularly, I love teaching! I'm also actually REALLY thinking about opening my own hair salon/beauty boutique!

S: Your own beauty boutique...I think you should definitely do that! Actually I think you are destined to do that..I know it would be a beauty mecca! I am already excited about it :) You could give lessons there as well!

S: Having hazel eyes myself I always want to bring out the green in them,what color eyeliner would make my green in my eyes stand out the most? 

M:You can make your eyes stand out with shadows and use black liner or fun colors too

Blue eyes: Plums and peachy orange shadows are great with blue eyes.
Green Eyes: Pinky tones and chocolatey brown liners for green eyes.
Brown Eyes: I love purple hues on brown eyes, but you can really wear almost anything!

S: Is there a lip color that looks good on everyone? The go to lip color for all us woman? 

M: I think Peach works well on most women. I don't think there is really ONE color for all women. Believe it or not, there is a red out there for almost everyone! Sometimes people just need to be a little brave  ;)

S: If I could change one thing on my face it would be for thicker , longer, darker eyelashes. How can I fake it best, and is the only answer fake lashes?

M:There are millions of mascaras out there these days, and there are some amazing ones that bring forth length and volume for your lashes. Some of my favorites are two sided, one for length and one for volume. Two Timer from "The Balm" and "Stila's " Convertible Mascara. I also use lash revitalizers, "Revitalash" is a big one. You do have to be consistent and use it every night though!

 (Model photos from MandaMonium on FB..all Make-up on models done by Manda) 

You can find Manda on the web and MandaMonium also on Facebook:



Manda is a make-up artist, stylist and model and one fabulous woman! She breathes fashion, style, beauty and creativity! She started at age fifteen doing make-up for her own modeling gigs and took off from there working runways, weddings, working for cosmetic companies, for magazines, and now currently she is working on a movie set.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Man, The Myth, The Legend......V-Fit!

I met Vijay 3 1/2 years ago after I had my first hip surgery. I was two weeks post surgery, and was sent to my first physical therapy session. I was nervous about letting anyone get near my hip, because I was in some MAJOR pain. This is how I met Vijay. Vijay was my physical therapist and has been off and on for 3 years now ( post two hip surgeries.) He helped me get through one of the hardest times in my life. Not only was he my physical therapist he kind of became my therapist too.  Pain and mental health seriously go hand and hand. Pain takes a lot out of you, and he was a great support system for me and always kept me positive...and moving!
The one thing I always noticed about Vijay (aka V-Fit) is how much energy he has. He is a positive force to be reckoned with. He is highly in demand as a physical therapist, a personal trainer, and a club promoter at night. With his very busy work schedule he still shines with an exuberant glow, he is always smiling and laughing, and he is a person who is truly full of life. I lucked out having him as my physical therapist. I hope that once I am all better from my third surgery I can do some personal training with him, which in turn will make me strong enough to lead me to visit one of his clubs that he promotes, where I can go dance the night away...... ;)

Being someone who has always been active and who has also experienced first hand what happens when your body breaks down on you and you have to build it back up, I thought this interview would be interesting for everyone, because we all want are bodies to be working at optimal condition!

So here is the interview with the man who puts the V in fit ;)  V-Fit......................................
 S: Being both a physical therapist and a personal trainer what are the top three tips that you can provide to my readers that would be best for you to get your body in shape without hurting yourself? 
V:The best advice I can give can be summarized is one word: Consistency! As in partaking in your regular scheduled workouts, applying super effort during these workouts to attain maximal results and keeping proper form/technique vs lifting heavier weights. This will help achieve the optimal results.

S: What are the top mistakes people make while working out?
V: Lifting to heavy of weights, compromising form vs proper technique, complacent workouts vs challenging oneself and varying the routine, and poor posture while exercising.

S: How often should the average healthy person work- out  in a week to stay healthy and in shape?
V: I prescribe four days a week, but clients can get by with three.

S: What is your best tip to stay healthy?
V: Eat, exercise, and rest

S:What is the correct balance between doing Cardio workouts and weights for an average person trying to get into shape?
V: Forty minutes of cardio four times a week, and two days of upper body strengthening and two days of lower body would work well. 

S:What are the top 3 most effective exercises for a person to do?
V: Squats, Pullups, and Pushups

 S: How do you balance three jobs and do them all so well?
V: Being Effective, efficient use of my time, and I have the ability to multi-task.

S: What is your favorite thing about being a: Physical Therapist, Personal Trainer and Club Promoter:
 V:Restoring a patient to full functional capacity. Elevating a client to their fullest level fitness capability. Taking care of my clientele's needs and making sure their evening is flawless.

S: I know you also have worked both the winter and summer X-Games for the last several years, what do you do while you are there?
V: I perform PT evaluations/assessments, massage therapy, and stretching with the athletes!

S:What is the coolest story you can share from your experience at the X-Games?
V: Tough to quantify, but would say working with such an elite, high caliber athletes and being able to impact them positively to medal in their respective sport.
S: How did you get into club promotion? What is your favorite part about it?
V: An old colleague brought me into the nightlife business years ago as he knew I had a large social network...the rest is history!  My favorite part by far is providing the greatest customer satisfaction and knowing that someone had the best night out! 

 S: Since you know Boston pretty well...what is the best way to have a fun time in Boston?
 V: Start with a great dinner in the South End, drinks at one of our boutique hotels, followed by dancing the night away at one of our hot spots!

S:You seem to have a very balanced, healthy and happy life..What is your life motto you live by?
V: Live everyday as it is your last and remember that an optimist sees opportunity in danger.

Vijay Daryanani, PT, MS
ACE Certified Personal Trainer