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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

"She Walks In Beauty"

Getting Ready For My Video Close Up (Photo By Sarah)
Delvis: The Star (Photo By Sarah)

I got to be a video vixen for a day...well ok maybe not a video vixen; I was fully clothed, and wasn't rolling around doing gymnastics on top of cars, or shaking "my stuff", BUT I got to be "the girl" in a music video..sweet!!
This post is a little different than my others for two reasons:
1. It will be the first time I am doing a reflective piece plus an interview with two people in one post!
2. It will be the first time an official music video is premiered on my blog..YAY!

So Let The Fun Begin! Rock On!

S: How did this song come to be?
Delvis: Sometimes I write songs that are inspired by title's of books or poems. This song was one of them. I was reading Lord Byron's" She Walks In Beauty", and it resonated with my song writing instincts. I then Googled "She Walks In Beauty" and discovered there are many other people who were just as inspired as I was to write a song around that title ;).  I wrote this song in 2005 and recorded it in 2006. It really is cool to see it in a video format now after all this time. I actually was going to leave this song off the album, because I was self conscious of my falsetto voice in it, but then my friend Fran always said it was his favorite song from the recording session (Fran McConville Jr
plays lead guitar on this track, as well as the other songs on my album), so it went on as the last song...glad it did!
Delvis in the video "She Walks In Beauty"

S:Why did you want to make this video Gary?
Gary: I heard Delvis’ album and really enjoyed it. There was something in particular about “She Walks in Beauty” that struck a nerve with me. It carries so much emotion and has a universality to it that works well as a visual story. That being said, I have to give credit where it’s due: I think it was my brother who actually suggested I make the music video. I contacted Delvis…and well… here we are. 

Sarah and Gary in "She Walks In Beauty" videoGary: Director and the "other man" in the video
S: Can you tell my readers what this music video is about?
Gary: It’s about the relationship between a guy and his girlfriend that falls apart. The girlfriend gets into an accident, and needs to be taken care of while she recovers. He stays with her at first, but gets tired of the responsibility, and misses out on the freedoms that other people have.  He finally decides to leave her, and ends up deeply regretting it. Unfortunately, it’s too late since she is with someone else, and would probably not forgive him for leaving her at such a difficult time. 

Gary Filming! (Photo By Sarah)

Doing this video was such an exciting project for D, because he could put his music out there in another creative art form. It was exciting for me, because I was proud/excited for D to put his music in a video format. I felt truly honored when D asked me to be a part of it (thank you so much D...you are the sweetest xoxo)! I also felt Gary "our leader" into the video world was also excited about this adventure. It was a fun creative trio, and it was really all laughs making this video, which makes the creative process even more enjoyable! Of course I toted my camera around to capture these moments!
Gary: The Leader/Director
Kitchen Scene  (Photo By Sarah)

Gary and D spent two days shooting footage of D singing around Salem (I didn't get to see what they did until the first viewing, and they rocked it). I came in on the third day of the shoot, which we spent all day working on.We shot in quite a few locations.One location was in front of Salem Hospital (accident scene), but you won't see the hospital in the video, but just know it was there ;).We shot at D's parent's house in Salem (the bedroom scene..LOL ;) ). We also shot the "kitchen scene" and our "fight scene" (where D and I had to put on our acting chops, because we never fight ;)) at our apt in Salem (now it is our old apt since we moved, but it will always be there to see on film..Awww!) . This is also where I cooked an actual full on tofu and mixed vegetable meal for the video (so appreciate the 3 seconds of footage of it ;)), but we all did get to have dinner that night!
It was a loooooooong day, but an unbelievably enjoyable day too! I got my first chance at acting (which was so much freaking fun..don't worry I am not going to go all "Hollywood" on you guys.....yet! ;)), and doing it with my boyfriend just made it even more delightful (even though I wasn't allowed to hardly wear make-up for this shoot..talk about stress ;))! We also made a new friend (shout- out to Gary), and just had a truly enjoyable artistic day!
My favorite video still moment from "She Walks In Beauty"

S:How did you start being a filmmaker?
Gary: I always had a thing for entertainment and the arts. I guess I watched a lot of TV as a kid and grew up having visions of doing creative work. When I was around ten years old, I set up a makeshift studio in my living room and taped fake newscasts about the breaking “news” happening in my family life. During high school, I filmed shows and edited documentaries using the school’s equipment and continued to do so throughout college. After I graduated, I briefly lived in New York City where I interned for The Colbert Report.

Me Rockin With The Wind! (Photo By Sarah)
(Photo By Sarah)
The Boys Getting Their Shot! (Photo By Sarah)
The second shoot I did with them was 3 months later, and we got a perfect day, sunshine and all. Devereux Beach in Marblehead was the location (it was my first time there since last summer). The water was sparkling, the sky was so blue, and there was a lot of wind which ended up making for some good video footage, as well as some fun photo's ops for me too :).  The last part of the video actually didn't take that long to film. We have been talking about it for months, so we pretty much new the shots we were looking for. Lets just put it this way, it took longer for me to do my own hair and make-up than it took to film on our last day of shooting. ;) I was so impressed how this footage came out...especially the very last scene in the video!!!

S:What did you learn from making this video?           
Gary: First, you don’t need a huge budget to make a quality piece of work, just some smoke and mirrors! Honestly, I’m proud to say we got this project done for just under $100,000! Seriously though,  I definitely learned to take advantage of the serendipitous moments of the process. When we were filming at the beach, it was so windy that I was getting sand blown in my eye every two seconds, and was nervous about having the sand get in the camera. But in the end,  it turned out great, the wind made the scene more alive and interesting!

S:What are your goals with your film making?
Gary: I would love to have more chances to get projects made and work with creative and talented people .  I can’t really expect much more.  Trying to get “famous” is like saying you want to learn to be charismatic;  you have no control over how your work is received by the public.   The best you can do is produce and create as much as you can and stay true to the vision.  If something big happens along the way, it’s a great reward, but more like a by-product of hard work.

Waiting for my turn on camera...no trailer (yet) just a Toyota Corolla ;) (Photo By Sarah)

Me and D (Photo By Sarah)
The process to make this video started in January 2011, but due to a very crazy snowy winter we didn't finish the video shoot until April 2011. In the end the change of seasons in the video make it even cooler, so it was worth the wait for the sunshine (and for the ALL the snow to melt). It really helped show the passage of time.

Gary came over the apt a few days ago with the finished video and I think I watched it eight times in a row (I could have watched it a lot more, but I think the boys had enough of the replay). I was so impressed with the creative talents of D and Gary, and felt very proud to be a part of the process.

It was funny after watching the video numerous times I realized
"Music Baby"
my brown sweatshirt I wear in a few scenes says "Music Baby". I literally had no idea it said that. I just grabbed an old sweatshirt, because they said to be as "un-glamourous" as I can be, just like if I was really going to the hospital. On another note before all my hip surgeries I have always made it a point to get my hair done the day before. I don't think going to the hospital means you always have to look awful ;)! I ended up giving a shout out to music, while in a music video, without even knowing it!

Final Shot Of Video! (Photo By Sarah)

S:How did you feel after seeing your video for the first time?

Delvis  (Photo By Sarah)
Delvis: It seemed surreal! It was like I was watching an MTV video, because the quality was excellent! For those of you under the age of 25 MTV actually use to have videos instead of all "un-reality" TV;). Perhaps you will be the new "Video Vixen" who will bring back the love of music videos. ;) I felt really proud of it, and of the whole experience. I felt really grateful that Gary wanted to make my song into a video!

S: How did you feel working with Gary as a Director/Filmmaker?
Delvis: It was a pleasure to work with him, because he was very open-minded to suggestions, and just had a very easy going attitude throughout the process. He understood the importance of letting the creativity flow naturally. 

S:How was it working with Delvis and I ;)?
Gary: Spectacular!  We did a couple days just with Delvis, and a couple with the two of you (and Sky, the dog).  I had a good time with you guys, and everything went smoothly!

S:Delvis do you have anything else to say to the world before people click on the link below to see your first music video :)!
Delvis:I would like to thank Sarah, Gary, Sky, and Vadim for devoting their time and energy to make this video happen. I would also like to give a special thanks to Lord Byron, because without him the song would not have been written and the video would not have been shot. May his spirit continue to walk in beauty. Oh yeah, you can also click on the iTunes link below and make "She Walks In Beauty" the #1 single on iTunes...hey why not! ;)

Well gang that's a wrap! Another thing I can check off of my bucket list..."Video Vixen"; Check! ;) Congratulations D on your first music video!!!

Lights, Camera, Action! (Photo By Sarah)

Me And The Director (Photo By Sarah)

*TO SEE THE VIDEO "SHE WALKS IN BEAUTY" CLICK HERE! http://vimeo.com/23670585
*To hear Delvis's Song "She Walks in Beauty" and the rest of his "The Road Is My Home" Cd you can find it on iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/the-road-is-my-home/id389712354 
*You can also find Delvis's music, gigs, and live videos on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/DELVIS/129241610441998

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