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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Strike A Pose!

Sarah at Zimman's: Photo By Jennifer Shore Photography
I have been looking so forward to writing this post, because it really was one of those days that was a true treasure/pure fun, so it is exciting to share those moments with others! One of my best friends Jaxson and I were very lucky to be asked by our friend  Jennifer "The Queen of Natural Light Photography" Shore to do a recreation photo shoot. Something a little outside of her box of what she normally does for photos, and since she noticed that Jax and I seem to always like to strike a pose (per our facebook pics) that we would be good candidates as models for her project. It was almost a year in the making due to my hip surgery, but the day actually came.
First we decided on the place for the photo shoot. We threw out ideas of Boston, hotel rooms, and then I suggested my dad's store. My father is owner of  an amazing store that has been in my family for over 100 years http://www.zimmans.com/ . Once you walk inside the doors of Zimman's you could describe it as a "Artist's Dream", so colorful and full of life! Fabrics, furniture, trims, accessories, a playground for adults. The great part is that there are two floors of unique furniture that I thought would be a fun place for a photo shoot. We were all on board with this idea and my father was totally cool with us doing it too.... right on!
Jaxson at Zimman's: Photo By Jennifer Shore Photography
First Part: Wardrobe! I had a few discussions with Jaxson about our wardrobe, but in the end it was every man and woman for themselves...AHHHHHHHHH! I couldn't even go shopping! It all came together so fast plus you throw in the fact that I was recovering from hip surgery #4 and was on crutches, so shopping was off the table; so I shopped my closet. I truly felt nothing I had was what I wanted to wear for this photo shoot. In my head I had the perfect outfits, but in reality I had my closet, and I had to work with what I had. I narrowed it down to 5 outfits. The next morning Jaxson helped me narrow it down to three. If I could go back in time I would have like to have worn different clothes..but as they say, " clothes don't make the person a person makes the person" and I was ready for my close up with whatever I had on! ;)
Sarah at Zimman's: Photo By Jennifer Shore Photography
Besides being one of my best friends, Jaxson is also an amazing hair stylist at Karen Sutton Hair Studio (26 Hawkes St Marblehead Ma #781- 631- 7603). After my first go around with my hair on my own Jaxson came over and made the perfect Jaxson touch ups with my straightening iron (like magic my hair all of sudden  rocked...thanks Jaxson xoxo) , and then in a "flash" we were off to Zimman's.

Self Portrait at the end of the evening before I took off my beautiful make-up by Manda of MandaMonium
 Next Up: Make-up! My enchanting friend Manda came in to save the day! Manda is not only a lovely person she is also a true make-up genius! Manda kindly did me a great favor and did my make-up for the photo shoot. No one can do eyes like Manda...just saying:)! http://www.facebook.com/MandaMoniumMakeup
Manda came in and got started right away. We went with my fave look...Big Eyes! Which meant some fun false eyelashes (I wish I could put these on myself because I would wear them everyday;) ), and complimentary colors to go with this photo shoot. 
Honestly I felt like  a movie star with my hair all shiny, sitting in a chair with my make- up artist gossiping about all kinds of stuff, and waiting for my turn for my close up!  Everyone should get themselves a moment like this! It is pure unadulterated pleasure, and why not, we all deserve to be made to feel like a Queen or King for a day!
Sarah and Jaxson at Zimman's: Photo By Jennifer Shore Photography
PHOTO SHOOT! I honestly said at the end of the day to Jennifer and Jaxson "This was by far one of the most perfect days I have ever had". To begin I LOVE everything that has to do with photography! This was the first time where I got to let go of the camera and just have fun on the other side with someone else doing all the work. I can look at photographs for hours on end (and I do) especially photos of people. It was a true adventure getting to be one of those people being captured forever on film by a professional photographer. It hit all my hot buttons; being artistic, being "girly", and playing with pictures!  Jennifer split the photo shoot up into a few different sections (we took about 500 photos that day):
1. Jaxson with "Day Clothes"
2. Sarah with "Day Clothes"
3. Jaxson with "Night Clothes"
4. Sarah with "Night Clothes"
5. Jaxson and Sarah by Day
6. Jaxson and Sarah by Night (or the after hours shots ;)

Sarah at Zimman's: Photo By Jennifer Shore Photography
Sarah at Zimman's: Photo By Jennifer Shore Photography
"Striking a pose" for a day was a lot different than I imagine it to be. How do I hold my body, what do I do with my face, arms, legs, and eyes. What is my most flattering angle.  How do I look more natural in an unnatural setting with out looking too "posey".  How do I work the furniture/scenery around me and how do I pose with someone else. Plus I had the extra issue of my injured hip, so I couldn't swing my body around as much as I would have wanted too (to get different angles and play with the furniture more, but I had to work with what I had working at the time ;). It was interesting, you can actually feel in your body when something was working and when something wasn't; I guess you can call it photography intuition. There were definitely moments during the day where things felt like I couldn't "make it work", and then all of sudden you make a few small changes, and I was making it work and then some ;) By the end of the night I felt Jaxson and I finally hit a stride that was unstoppable...we were in the super zone, and so was Jennifer. The store was closing soon and Jennifer said at that moment, "I could do this all night".. Jaxson and I felt the same way!
Sarah and Jaxson at Zimman's: Photo By Jennifer Shore Photography
To see more photos from this photo shoot you can check my "Jennifer Shore Photography Photo Album" on Facebook (more photos will be added as time goes on:) ): http://www.facebook.com/pages/Sarah-in-The-City/139427642735530

To see this talented photographer in action check out Jennifer Shore Photography's website: http://www.jennifershore.com and http://www.jennifershore.com/blog
Sarah at Zimman's: Photo By Jennifer Shore Photography

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