I am a 36 year old woman who may not live in "The Big City" but I like the little city I live in and there is a lot that goes on around here too! This is a place where anything can happen..or be written about!!!!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


When I was a little girl there use to be a shampoo commercial on TV... a woman w/ a white painters cap on..not quite sure what she did during the commercial...but at the end of the commercial she whips off her hat and a mane of shiny bouncy, red, fabulous hair comes flowing down..my first thought..I want her hair!
After 10 years of being in the education field...I switched things up and went to go work for a hair salon.. my dream to know the inner working of hair was about to come true..get their secrets...put on my own white cap on and then toss it off and the show the world what I got......Hairtastic!


It's nice to work in a place where your co-workers feel like family, an environment that is clean, bright, and fun, and has fabulous clients that you get to spend time w/ all day long! It's a community w/in a community.  It resides in the beautiful town of Marblehead which is the next town over from Salem.

Karen Sutton Hair Studio (KSHS) is owned by Karen Sutton. A smart , kind, and fabulously fun  businesswoman as well as a extremely talented hairstylist. She was the first person to cut my hair in first grade and has been my hairstylist ever since.  She has been running a successful hair salon for 15 plus years. I am always fascinated w/  people who "make it" by doing what they want and doing it well. It's not easy to have a "mom and pop" successful business these days..you really need to have the goods to make it work and KSHS has the goods and then some.

S: What makes you salon special?

KS: Our clients and my staff. Each employee has something special to offer. Myself and my staff all have a mission in mind,,, great and fabulous hair with a calming and fun atmosphere. We want all our clients to walk out w/ manageable and beautiful hair.

S: What's your dream hair?

KS: What I have. I can't change it so I work w/ it!

S: What are some important hair tips?

KS: Work w/ what you have. Don't fight your natural hair, embrace it, and work w/ your stylist to figure out all your options for YOUR hair!

S: As a stylist how do you approach hair w/ your clients?

KS: When I first meet someone I try to think about what I would do w/ their hair, then I listen to what they would like from their hair. I then combined both ideas together. I want the client to love their hair, and I want it to be flattering as well as being able to help them w/ their hair issues.

S: Why do you think your salon has been so successful:

KS: My staff ,as well as treating my business like an establishment that I would want to go to. This is a business that people come to treat themselves, so I want to give them 100% service from the time they walk in the door to the time they leave.

Karen Sutton Hair Studio
26 Hawkes Street
Marblehead, MA 01945
To call for an apt: #781- 631- 7603 Open Monday-Saturday
Stylist: Karen, Rosa, Jaxson, Christina, Allie, and Cassia
You can also find Karen Sutton Hair Studio on Facebook

My Own Personal Hair Tips I have picked up along the way:  Shhhhhhhh...Beauty Secrets..but I trust you guys w/ them. :)

1.Salon quality shampoo and conditioner is better and it does make a difference...my hair is quite different hair because of it. (I use Alterna's Caviar Shampoo and Conditioner)
2.Now that my hair has gotten longer to give it and extra special treatment I sleep overnight w/ conditioner in my hair (shampoo..rinse..conditioner..get out of shower..rinse next morning) ..it does make it a lot softer..Do this once a week.
3. Definitely do a salon deep conditioning treatment once in awhile ..great treat for your hair and pretty inexpensive and it makes it difference w/ shine and hair strength.
4. If you straighten your hair (like I do when I don't feel like embracing my curls) ..first put product in your hair (I use Moroccan oil, and Simply Smooth Keratin Calming Balm and Simply Smooth Keratin Finishing Gloss). Then let your hair air dry till it's halfway dry and then blow dry w/ a round brush..you will still get straight hair but not have to use the hairdryer on your hair as long which is better for your hair. Before you use your Ceramic Straighter (I have the GHD straighter..it also can be used as a curling iron too) spray your hair w/ a thermal protective spray..about a good 14inches away from your hair so it mists on and then use the straightener along w/ a fine tooth comb following the straighter as you go down the hair shaft. Make sure you section your hair out w/ clips while drying and straightening. I do the bottom layer first and top part of hair last.  **Sidenote if you have bangs..definitely blow dry those immediately w/ a small round brush so they lay the way you want them too :)
For My Curls I use the same products..to fight frizz and weigh my curls down.  while my hair is wet I  make 2 sections down the middle and twist each section and let it dry that way...then use my GHD iron to touch it up.

If you have any hair questions please feel free to write them on the comment section and I will get back to you:)

Have a Great Hair Day! xox

                                                                                       (Me: My first year working at the salon)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things....

 Sometimes I  like to discuss w/ my friends and family about what our top tens are or our favorite things...not sure why, but I seem to have this conversation a lot..so here are some of mine..what are yours..I always love good recommendations! :)

1.Shawshank Redemption -Favorite Movie of all time and probably will always be!
2. Thelma and Louise-Loved this movie..fell in Love w/ Brad Pitt in it and made me want to drive across the country..not to cause fear in men all over the USA..but the scenery...I did the trip twice now (so much fun NF and JA :) )
3.Memento-Coolest Movie Ever
4. Lord of the Rings Trilogy-Never thought I would even like these movies..then found myself watching them many times..even a full day/night marathon of the three movies extended version back to back..truly geeked out for that..and loved it!
5.Dirty Dancing-Loved this movie...Fell in Love w/ Patrick Swayze..and wanted to be lifted up just like baby...
6.Goonies-The one movie I wish I could have been in..favorite movie growing up
7.Karate Kid- there is nothing better the the flamingo kick..when I saw this at the movie everyone got up in cheered..the only time that has ever happen to me in
                                   the movie theather till this day
8.Shawn of the Dead- To me the Funniest Movie Ever! Simon Pegg is Brilliant!
9.The Hangover-LMAO..and it was clever too...I would probably put Wedding Crashers w/ this Movie as a tie.
10.Slumdog Millionaire-Nothing like a movie that makes you leave the theater smiling..plus I love the soundtrack!

OK other Movies I absolutely Love and can not leave out: Amelie, Monsoon Wedding, Once (and the Once soundtrack..omg I could listen to that CD all day),Good Will Hunting, Food Inc (just a powerful movie on many different levels and one I think everyone should must see), The Last Unicorn (it's a cartoon but one of my all time favorites growing up)

Guilty pleasure: Twilight series..there I said it ;)

FAVORITE SONG: "I Will"  / The Beatles (this song I could listen to forever..My dad use to sing this to me every night when I was a kid to help me to go to sleep). It is so beautiful and simple all at the same time...No lie this song can bring a tear to my eye that is how powerful a song this is.   My other favorite song in "Satellite" / Dave Matthews Band (at this point I am actually burnt out on this song since I have listened to it over a million times, but it is an important song for me...and I was always stand by it as being one of the greatest songs...enough said)

BOOKS : The History of Love By, Nicole Krauss..I just "love" this book. poetic story telling at its's best ..read it in one day.  Eat Pray Love By Elizabeth Gilbert (Most inspirational book..I think I have read it about 5 times) and  A Separate Piece By, John Knowles ..My favorite book that I had to read when I was younger for school...Phineas could be one of my favorite characters of all times!

Top Ten TV Shows:
1. LOST..My favorite show...ever! The only show I could never miss live.
2.True Blood..Hot men...Vampires..The South..Mystery..seriously Hot Men..there is nothing not to love about this show. (The book series is a really fun guilty pleasure as well)
3.Dexter- Amazing Acting...and each season gets better and better (that sure doesn't happen that often w/ TV)..Season 4 blew my mind!
4.Six Feet Under-One of the Best shows ever made..acting and storytelling was perfect!
5.Sex in the City- I love Sarah J....started w/ her movie "Girls Just Want To Have Fun" and she kept on getting better.. it was my favorite series finale of all times!
6.Always Sunny In Philadelphia - I love this show..can't say why..but Charlie Day could be the funniest guy ever!
7.Sopranos - It was a great show...The End
8.GLEE- It just makes me feel good and I love the darkness of it as well..this show had an amazing first season! (and I will admit the CD's from the show can make heavy rotation in my ipod at times ;) )
9.Curb Your Enthusiasm/ Seinfeld- Larry David is the Man! I have almost fell off my couch laughing so hard from curb..not many shows can do that.
10.Chuck- Something about this show I love...it's just fun to watch....It could also be the actor that plays Chuck ;)

Ok I also fell in love w/ the BBC show "Couplings"..seriously that show made me laugh out loud (especially the first few seasons)...its a must see (thanks for letting me borrow it MT)! I am currently watching "WEEDS" on netflixs... the show is totally addicting ;) It could make it to my Top 10 list by the time I am done w/ it.  I also thought "The Shield" was one of the best Drama's on TV ever...again amazing acting and storytelling..A show where you hate and love the characters at the same time..Guest Stints by Glenn Close and Forest Whitaker were outstanding!


 Halloween...No other city in the world does it like my city !!!!!!( Last Year I was Sookie from True Blood (see pic on right))
Outdoor Restaurants:
Finz: Has great and scenic  outdoor seating and yummy food...and drinks:). Victoria Station: Has my favorite Salad Bar, and I love sitting outside and watching the people walk by while looking at the harbor and drinking a Bloody Mary, (pic below on left of Jaxson in Action w/ a Bloody Mary at Victoria Station)
Lobster Shanty: Fun place to watch local musicians and great location for people watching (pic below on right of me at the lobster shanty..chillaxin to a performance by Lee Harvey)
Front Street Cafe: Great place to chillax and have a delicious coffee, food, people watch and gather w/ friends inside or outside.


 Listen to Live Local Music!   
So many talented live local musicians play out in this city..you are almost always guaranteed to hear music somewhere every day of the week                     

                                           (KK, Nicole, and I Lobster Shanty 2009 Delvis show)

Hang Out Downtown, People Watch and Walk Around:...always so much going on...and this city is growing w/ people, restaurants, and stores, constantly.  It is a different city than it was 5 years ago..extremely different. We like change around here :)

SALEM WILLOWS: From the Salem Willow's Website :

"Fun and Games: Historic 1866 carousel. Modern video arcade.  Kiddie rides and classic Skeeball.  Prizes and treasures.  Vintage pinball machines.
Good Food:  Salt water taffy.  “The best popcorn in New England”.  The Willow’s famous chop suey sandwich.  Pizza, fresh seafood, and homemade ice cream. (My mom's favorite summer treat is the Salem Willows chop suey...and ice cream. My siblings and I when we were kids were all about the taffy and the popcorn)
Great Park:  Picnic in the shade of majestic, 200 year old white willows.  Play on the beach.  Fish from the public pier.  Enjoy outdoor concerts.
Real History:  America’s first ice cream cone.  Joseph Brown’s flying horses.  Duke Ellington.  A public park since 1858.  A special place in history."
(My Mom and I at Salem Willows 2009)

I have been going here since I was a little kid, whether it's to play arcade games (I am a master skeeball player as well as Air Hockey Champion) Take pics in the photo booth (JL and my photo booth pic on right..year unknown ;)), walk on the pier, have a picnic, get an icecream cone after a long hot day, take a stroll, look out at the ocean, or listen to music (WITCHSTOCK MUSIC FESTIVAL , SALEM WILLOWS JULY 3rd  at 4pm).

 Being at Home.... Dorothy said it best "There is No Place Like Home"


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Music in the City

This past weekend.."My" city was alive w/ Music and I took part in it both Fri and Sat night :)

Salem and the Boston area have a great local music scene and I feel lucky to know quite a few talented musicians around this area. No matter what night of the week you will find some great local and live music. One of my favorite parts of the summer in this city is outdoor live music...we wait all year for this stuff! :)

This weekend I rocked out to The Willows at The Pickled Onion in Beverly MA on Friday Night and on Saturday night I got to listen to an amazingly talented singer and songwriter "Delvis" at the Bella Mia in Beverly MA  (and I am not biased because he is my BF....you can just ask him ;) But seriously I originally met him about 7 years ago when he was singing out in Salem at a gig and the first thing I said to him was that I thought he had a great voice :) Enough said :)

The Willows:

"The willows formed in 2001 as a three piece project. The music was an American mix up of country, blues, bluegrass, and rock. As the years have gone on the willows have released three records. The current line up is the strongest yet and the live show is awesome! Check out the willows in the North Shore."
You can check out their music at:


The willows are a great group! And I mean group....it is a strong band where each band member holds their own..and well! The singer Courtney Linehan has a great stage presence as well as a good sense of humor and a rockin voice.  They sing both their original music and covers, and when there fellow musician friends are in the audience they love to bring them on stage to step in for a song or two.  I had a great time at their show on Friday night. Since I am currently on crutches I couldn't partake in the dancing, but I was one of the only people who didn't. Their music makes you want to get up and get your butt onto the dance floor..I even contemplated dancing on my crutches..but that would have been dangerous..for everyone around me ;) I have seen "The Willows" perform many times over the years at many different venues and the one thing you can bet on is that you will get a great show!
The Pickled Onion is a great spot to hear live music..big open space for hanging w/ your friends, big bar to sit down and have a drink, and most importantly a big open floor to rock out if the music takes you away.

355-357 Rantoul Street
Beverly, MA 01915
(978) 232-3973

DELVIS..Live! at the Bella Mia.
Bella Mia
218 Cabot Street
Beverly, MA 01915-5717
(978) 927-2365
New Record Available Now: "The Road is My Home" 

(Delvis T-shirts by Spike Emerson)

Delvis is either a one man show or a full band...it depends on the night.  On Saturday night Delvis played to a audience of friends and patrons of  The Bella Mia Restaurant and Bar in Beverly, MA. Delvis played a Fantastic set w/ lead Guitarist Fran McConville (an amazing guitar player/musician who plays gigs on both the east and west coast). The set was a mix of great cover songs by Neil Young, The Rolling Stones, Gordon Lightfoot , and others, as well as Delvis's great original tunes which is the #1 reason why people come out to see Delvis. There was even a sing along to the classic drinking Delvis song "Full Throttle w/ the Bottle". Delvis has a beautiful melodic voice that makes his songs come alive. He also likes to have fun w/ his music which makes his performances a must see. Delvis is also a great guitar player as well ,which adds a special touch to each of his songs.
The Bella Mia is a quaint restaurant w/ a nice ambiance located on the very active Cabot Street in Beverly. My friends and I had a delicious dinner there and it was quite comfortable to sit and relax at the bar while listening to some truly great music.

More Music coming up..Witchstock Music Festival! July 3rd Salem Ma...ALWAYS..a fabulous time!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Sarah in the City....is here! ;)

 My first post for my new blog..so exciting..for me that is ;) . My blogging adventure started w/ a "disruptive" experience in my life, but from this experience came some light and one was the learning of how writing and sharing is something I enjoy doing. It has also given me the chance to meet people I wouldn't have met otherwise whom I have gotten so much insight from.  It has been a cathartic place where I get/got to vent and share insight from my own personal experience to people starting that specific journey as well.  If you want to check out my other blog here is the link:
That blog is dedicated to all my hip chicks and I will continue that blog while my hip adventure continues, but I am more than just one right hip ;) So this blog is for all my other parts and more ;)

I guess the way I should start this blog off is to give you some insight on who I am...which is an interesting process. The reason I am going to do this is not because I want to write about my self due to being a huge ego maniac ;)..It's because I think it is one of the hardest things to do.  I have had MANY conversations w/ friends who do online dating as well as trying it out myself once and feel/felt as well as the other people I have spoken w/ get stuck when it comes to that paragraph.."please describe yourself". Or even when facebook asked me for a bio on myself...I totally skip over that part...not because I don't want to share w/ others or that I am a private person..it's because honestly I think foolishly in my mind that it's hard to write w/ out seeming generic, egotistical, or even false.  Maybe I don't know who I am , maybe it is hard to sum yourself up in a paragraph, or maybe it's just hard looking in that "mirror", but whatever it is... I don't have the answer of why it can be hard, but I figured I would finally give it a shot. I would like this to be a  interactive blog where myself and others (if there is anyone else reading this ;) ) can browse through our thoughts about life, thoughts or reviews about a movies, food,  restaurants, bars, museums, beauty, entertainment..to thoughts about relationships (friends, family, love, etc) as well as a place to explore my own thoughts, and if any of these things are helpful to others than that's the added bonus :)  I don't really want to define this blog..I just want to see where it goes and on that note...Who am I????

I am a 35 year old woman, I come from a family where my parents divorced when I was young, but even though that experience was a hard one for me I am very lucky to have a great, loving and strong family who means the world to me!!!  I have another family too that is the one I have made throughout my life....my friends..whom I love dearly. They have been there through the good, the bad, and all the in between stuff w/ me. I have been very lucky in the friends department, because I am surrounded by extremely smart, fun, creative, caring, interesting, and kind people..I am constantly learning from them!!  Relationships are so important to me. I am a people person and I love to be around people, I like helping people, I like listening to people's stories, I love people watching, I love all the relationships I have in my life.  These relationships I have and have had definitely formed me into the woman I am today. I have never been married, but have been engaged once. I have had quite a few long term boyfriends in my life that have brought me a great deal of happiness and some sadness as well. I also have dated some interesting men who all have been quite different from each other (which I think is important..while dating don't just keep dating the same kind of guy over and over again you may surprise yourself by having "the one" be someone you wouldn't have thought would be your "type"of guy at all) . I would say I am a half glass full kind of person, not to say I don't have many run in's w/ sadness, but in the end I think I do have a deep seeded positivity that gets me through those times, because as my favorite saying goes, "you don't know what tomorrow will bring".   I love being on the beach... probably my favorite place to be in the world. I love sharks...not quite sure why, but I just do! Great whites are my favorites..My dream would be able to go cage diving w/ Great White sharks.....preferably in Africa. Shark week on the discovery channel is like the greatest week of  TV ever! I love to travel, I would say that most people do, how can you not, you get to escape from your every day life, you get to visit new places and meet and see new people, and it broadens your life experiences...everything about traveling is great....well except the flying..I HATE flying...probably my biggest fear.  I love photography..seriously I have a camera w/ me everywhere I go...my friends dubbed me "the paparazzi". If I could be anything w/out worrying about money I would be a photographer..hands down! I loved being entertained by either a good movie or a great TV series and I can discuss my "entertainment" for hours. I have Celiac (gluten free girl)  and I am a Vegetarian...I could eat salad every day of my life and NEVER get bored of it :) I LOVE music...I could listen to music every hour of the day and never miss the sounds of silence..music makes me happy. I have been "learning" how to play the guitar for 5 years and currently trying to pick up the bass guitar..I would love to sing in a band but my voice ruined that dream for me ;) I can be very stubborn, but when I truly believe in something I believe it w/ every inch of my being w/ that said I also like and are open to other people's opinion...doesn't mean I will agree w/ them, but I am open ;) I like to be as active as possible...having FAI of my hip has made it a little more difficult, but now that I am finally recovering my activity level is picking up again..hiking, swimming, running, biking, walking are the best stress reliefs for me. Currently I am a "stationary biker"..but I am picking up miles pretty quickly on that bad boy ;) I have my Master's Degree in elementary education and I worked in the education field for 10 years...I now currently work at a hair salon and LOVE it! I like change..it's good to mix things up...life is to short! Making people feel beautiful inside and out is just as rewarding as teaching..and the atmosphere is always upbeat which is such a treat when you are working. I love to read books..my selections are quite diverse ..which makes reading even more fun! I love to write as well, but I have the worst grammar for a woman w/ a master's degree who likes to write ;)  There is so much I want to achieve in my life and I hope I will have the ability to do it all!  I live w/ my sweet boyfriend "D" who has shown me what true caring is all about. My name is Sarah and I live in a fun little city...nice to meet you! :)